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O espaço físico pode ser um lugar abstrato, complexo e em construção

The production of Rommulo Vieira Conceição starts with the overlapping of elements present in public and private spaces. In his works, objects and the architecture are reorganized, thus fusing different environments in order to cause symbolic and functional displacements. This specific work was created based on field research conducted by the artist himself in some … Continued

Lucia Koch

Lucia Koch holds a bachelor’s degree and teaching license in Arts from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, and obtained her PhD in Visual Poetics from Universidade de São Paulo in 2004. Her production distinguishes itself by the plurality of supports, presenting a wide range of languages, mostly oriented to shifts of perception in … Continued

Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir started her studies at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden, 1986-87), obtained a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the New York School of Visual Arts (1992), and studied cultural anthropology at the New School for Social Research (USA, 1994-1996). Cooperative work with other artists makes for a significant part of her projects, bringing … Continued

Rommulo Vieira Conceição

Rommulo Vieira Conceição first graduated in Geology and later obtained a master’s degree in Visual Poetics from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, between 2005 and 2007. His production is composed of sculptures, photographs, and installations, in order to work around the superposition of elements coming from the public and private space, thus arousing … Continued


Over her life, Aleksandra Mir went through four different migrations, becoming used to transgressing borders. Such a stateless experience gave rise to a recurring questioning in her production around the sociopolitical forces shaping national and local identities. The Mediterranean series (2007) stems from her experience in the Mediterranean island of Sicily, Italy. Here, the territorial … Continued


Reflecting on the place of art and the maneuvers for spreading information, PROPAGANDA (2021) is a work composed of interventions in billboards with photos of boxes and empty packages that the artist Lucia Koch collected in Brumadinho and Belo Horizonte. Part of the Fundos series, the images are presented in existing structures in the city … Continued

In-between Lands (2021)

In-between Lands is a solo exhibition by artist Aleksandra Mir, currently on exhibition at Galeria Praça and composed of four drawings from the Mediterranean series (2007). The work questions the sociopolitical forces that shape national and local identities. Such reflection stems from the stateless experience accumulated by the artist as a four-time migrant, and was … Continued

Comissionamentos Inhotim 2021

The Comissionamentos Inhotim program intends to spread and stimulate the contemporary art production, bringing to the audience works of prominent artists of the national circuit. For the 2021 edition, the institution invited the Brazilian artists Lucia Koch and Rommulo Vieira Conceição to develop new creations after their experiences in the Institute and its surroundings For … Continued

Untitled, from the Marionettes series

Fictive or imaginary characters are recurring in the production of Tunga. In the work Untitled (2010), part of the Marionettes series, steel cables draw a human silhouette and compose a network, filled with big quartz crystals that give volume to this body. The body of crystals is then suspended in the space by metal threads … Continued

Toro Condensed; Toro Expanded

One of the basic elements in the conception of the work of Tunga is the image of the circle – a geometric shape that recalls the idea of continuous movements and alludes to metaphors of development, like the cycle of life. The torus is the resulting topological space of two circles: one from the inside … Continued

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