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Become part of a community connected to art, nature, architecture, and unique experiences at Instituto Inhotim. An invitation to have access to exclusive content, enjoy free entrance and priority access whenever you want, benefit from inside transportation to displace yourself between galleries, in addition to profit from discounts in restaurants and cafes, products of the Inhotim Design Shop, events, and other benefits

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By becoming a member of the Amigos do Inhotim program, you contribute to the sustainability of the Institute, to the maintenance of the collections and to the creation of socio-educational projects. You can also deduct the total membership cost from your Income Tax, with no impact to other deductions (education, health, dependents, pension).

How to benefit from income tax deduction

Through the Brazilian Tax Incentive Law for Culture, individuals can contribute to the maintenance of cultural institutions, allocating up to 6% of their income tax due to the Internal Revenue Service. The amount due to the government can be used to support cultural projects, and not only you don’t pay more tax for it, but your tax refund also remains unchanged.

To assure the compensation for next year (2024), the contribution must be credited up to the last working day of 2023. Moreover, the donor needs to have a receipt for the donation made and make a complete tax declaration—instead of a simplified one.

The donation can be made following one of the two cases:

If you have taxes to pay, the donation will reduce the amount to be paid.

If you have already paid for it (e.g., withholding tax), the donation will increase your tax refund.


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  • Talk to us! Members of the program have exclusive channels to contact us: write to or through Whatsapp on: (31) 99765-2470

Friends of Inhotim



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