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Instituto Inhotim is a contemporary art museum and botanical garden located in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais. Recognized as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP, in Portuguese) by the Government of Minas Gerais since 2008, Inhotim is a private, not-for-profit entity, funded by donations of individuals and companies – whether directly or through the Federal and State Tax Incentive Laws for Culture –, as well as by its ticket office and other events. Idealized since the 1980s by the businessman Bernardo de Mello Paz, out of the ferrous ground of this farm originated, back in 2006, one of the biggest open-air museum in the world.

Its privileged location – amid the rich biomes of the Atlantic Forest and the tropical savanna of Cerrado –, as well as the lush landscapes over 140 hectares open for visiting, offer a unique experience to visitors, blending art and nature. Around 700 works by more than 60 artists coming from nearly 40 different countries are displayed outdoors and in galleries that share the space with a Botanical Garden of more than 4.3 thousand rare botanic species, from all continents.


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Foundation of Instituto Cultural Inhotim, a not-for-profit institution destined to conserve, exhibit, and produce contemporary artworks, as well as to undertake educational and social initiatives.

Inauguration of Galeria True Rouge, the first one exclusively dedicated to a work of art.


Beginning of scheduled visits for local schools and specific groups.


Opening for the general audience on regular days.


Recognition as Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP, in Portuguese) by the Government of Minas Gerais.

Inauguration of Galeria Adriana Varejão.


Inauguration of nine new destinations with iconic pieces like Beam Drop Inhotim, by Chris Burden; De Lama Lâmina, by Matthew Barney; Folly, by Valeska Soares; Narcissus Garden Inhotim, by Yayoi Kusama; Piscina, by Jorge Macchi; Sonic Pavilion, by Doug Aitken.


Recognition as a Botanical Garden by the National Commission of Botanical Gardens.

Inauguration of Galeria Cosmococa and Galeria Miguel Rio Branco.


Launch of the program Amigos do Inhotim [Friends of Inhotim].

Opening of the Garden of All Senses.


Inauguration of Galeria Psicoativa Tunga, with a thirty-year retrospective of this artist who influenced the creation of Inhotim.

Inauguration of Galeria Lygia Pape.

Creation of the Escola de Cordas,

Inhotim reaches the landmark of 1 million visitors.


Major change of collection in the temporary galleries of the Institute.


Inauguration of the Jardim Desértico, inspired by landscapes of the Mexican desert, with landscape design by Pedro Nehring.

Students of the educational project Laboratório Inhotim go to New York to visit the studio of artist John Ahearn.

Reopening of the Vandário, with some 500 specimens of orchids of the genus Vanda, placed in a deck at the borders of the Novo Lago.


Inhotim celebrates 2 million visitors.

Inhotim: Global Change, a project in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to promote the mitigation of effects resulting from climate change.

First itinerant exhibition of Inhotim, Do Objeto para o Mundo [From the Object to the World], showcased at Itaú Cultural (São Paulo) and Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte).

Inauguration of Galeria Claudia Andujar.


Inhotim celebrates its 10th opening anniversary and pays homage to Tunga.

Inhotim Noite Aberta, first late-night programming of the museum.

Inauguration of the Largo das Orquídeas in partnership with Orchid Brazil, with some 18 thousand Cattleya walkeriana.


First international exhibition of Inhotim: At the Crossroads of Glocal Change, held at the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C., USA.

International Seminar on Climate Change and Biodiversity: Ideas and Attitudes that Make a Difference, held in partnership with the IDB.


Inhotim reaches the landmark of 3 million visitors.

Launch of the Inhotim Integrity Program.


Opening of the Jardim Sombra e Água Fresca.

Inauguration of the work Untitled, by Robert Irwin.

Inhotim launches new projects aimed at the community of Brumadinho and its surroundings, after the rupture of the Córrego do Feijão dam: Nosso Inhotim ensures the admission of local inhabitants to the museum; and Palco Brumadinho, a program bringing local artists to the stages of Inhotim.


With the social distancing brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemics, Inhotim strengthens its digital presence by producing unprecedented content: the series Dialogues, Backstage, and New Openings, with new exhibitions at the Google Arts and Culture platform and the relaunch of the Portrait series.


Inhotim celebrates 15 years.



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