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Privacy Policy

  • Understand how personal data are collected and treated

    Which data can be collected?

    During your navigation on the website, our system might keep records of:

    1. Information you provide when interacting with services provided by the website: your name, last name, e-mail, phone number, credit card information, date of birth, taxpayer number, and postal code.
    2. Information collected while you browse: IP address (an exclusive number attributed to each computer, allowing to identify it in the network), the browser you use (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.), type and version of your operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, among others), as well as geolocalization information, such as the city where you are.
    • Why are these data collected?

    There are some ways of using the website that lead to data collection, yet your personal data are always used in accordance with the limits established by the law and by this policy. The data will only be shared with our partners in case it is strictly necessary. Here, your information is not commercialized.

    • Website navigation: when you access the website, use the search field, or fill a form, the information indicated on the aforementioned item (2) is collected. This allows Instituto Inhotim to know where you are and offer language preferences, for instance. Or to comply with legal and regulatory resolutions, when necessary.
    • Communication with you: if you want to contact Instituto Inhotim through the e-mail addresses available on the website, your contact data (item 1 supra) are collected so that your message is replied to and your question is solved in the best way.

    Newsletter subscription: to receive the newsletter with news, exhibitions, and events, you can subscribe to it and, for this reason, your name and e-mail address will be stored in the database of the Institute. At any time, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link indicated at the end of the newsletter.

    • Sharing with partners
      • Information Technology Service Provider: the website hosting service and e-mail domain of Instituto Inhotim are made by a partner provider, which means that collected data are shared with this company. The privacy policy of [nome do parceiro] can be accessed here: link
      • Online ticket purchase (Sympla): to ensure the safety and convenience of visitors, the sale of tickets to Inhotim is made online through the ticketing platform Sympla. For this reason, data regarding registration, payment, and billing must be collected and treated for further sharing with the partner to conclude the transaction. The privacy policy of Sympla can be accessed here:

      Friends of Inhotim (INTI): The program Friends of Inhotim is a way for individual taxpayers to support the maintenance and projects led by the Institute, thus broadening the connection with art and nature. By adhering to it, your personal and payment data will be collected by INTI, the partner company in charge of managing this program. The Terms of Use of INTI can be accessed here.

    • For how long are your data stored?
    • Data will be kept only for the time required to accomplish the contact over e-mail, adhere to the program Friends of Inhotim, purchase tickets, comply with legal and contractual obligations, as well as for accounting purposes and to fulfill legitimate interests of Instituto Inhotim.
  • Understand the use of cookies

    In addition to the aforementioned data, Inhotim’s website also collects cookies.

    Cookies are text files of small size that are sent and stored in your computer, recording your behavior and interests on the website. Such information is used to observe your browsing habits and, therefore, personalize your experience on the website.

    This means that, with the help of cookies, it is possible to know how many visitors Inhotim receives, where in the world are they, remember your browsing preferences, and, thus, offer more relevant content for each user.

    Most browsers are already configured to store cookies. But, whenever you want, you can adjust the definitions of your computer to disable or delete them.

  • Can I delete my personal data?

    You can request at any moment, in a simple way and free of charge, to visualize, change, and/or delete your collected data. Send an e-mail to

    Moreover, as soon as your data are no long necessary, they will be deleted. This is not applied only in cases of legal liabilities or when it concerns the safeguard of rights of Instituto Inhotim.

  • Your data on social media

    People who follow the social media profiles of Instituto Inhotim (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn) have access to the disclosure and communication activities of the museum. In such profiles, data is treated according to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of each one of them.

  • Terms of Use

    To have the best browsing experience possible, visitors also need to be held responsible regarding the good use of the Internet, by adopting the following rules:

    • The content of this website and the brand is the property of Instituto Inhotim. Therefore, unauthorized use is forbidden and might result in legal consequences.
    • By using the website, you are responsible for:
    1. every action undertaken during your access to the Internet and to this website;
    2. every content loaded, sent, and/or transmitted to the website of Inhotim or its partners;
    3. repairing any eventual damage caused to Instituto Inhotim, other users, and partners regarding violation of intellectual property rights, confidentiality, personality, or the noncompliance of what is stated in this document.
    • It is not the responsibility of Instituto Inhotim, at any case:
    1. any act or ommission accomplished and/or any damage caused by the user during her or his access to this website;
    2. the inappropriate use of the website by any user or third parties and/or by the content loaded, sent, and/or transmitted by the users to the website;
    3. Errors, technical impossibilities, or system unavailabilities.
    4. the installation of malicious software in the user’s equipment, such as virus, trojans, malware, worm, bot, backdoor, spyware, rootkit, or any other devices that might be created, as a consequence of the user’s Internet browsing.

    What happens in the case of noncompliance?

    In case the user fails to comply with the terms of use and its dispositions, Instituto Inhotim might, at any time and at its exclusive discretion:

    • Suspend or limit the access to the website.
    • Shut down the account of any user.
    • Take further measures it considers necessary to comply with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, as well as for the good functioning of the website.
  • About changes and notices

    This Privacy Policy was updated on Feb 22nd, 2021 

    This document can be changed by Instituto Inhotim at any time. For this reason, we recommend to access it periodically. In case relevant changes are made that require new authorizations, the Institute will inform it through the website in order to always observe the compliance of the law currently in effect.

  • Do you have any questions? Contact us!

    In case of doubts regarding this document or other problems related to the website, make sure to contact us over e-mail at

    Do you want to talk about other issues? Access Contact Inhotim. Our team will answer you with great pleasure.



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