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Instituto Inhotim has good practices in corporate governance as one of its points of attention. With transparency and cooperation, the institution counts with thorough external independent auditing since 2013, in addition to several compliance procedures. Inhotim understands corporate governance as an essential tool to strengthen the relationship with its audience and sponsors.

All documents, reports, and information regarding the activities of the Institute are accessible and can be accessed below.


Reporting Channel

Did you witness or observe any irregularity or act contrary to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Inhotim? This is a safe environment to send your complaints. Employees, visitors, and service providers can use this reporting channel identifying themselves or anonymously, if you prefer. To keep your complaint anonymous, you only have to leave the identification fields blank.

After receiving your message, the Ethics Commission of Inhotim will properly forward it to the concerned departments.

In case your message does not correspond to the cases listed above, please, access Contact Us, for other information or suggestions.


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