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Displacements (2021)

Raquel Garbelotti, A clareira, 2000, fotografia, 100 x 150 x 8 cm

Permeating the works, issues such as the Permeando os trabalhos, questões como a ocupação do espaço, as contradições do capitalismo global e o desenho geopolítico das desigualdades sociais, a transformação e exploração da natureza, a migração entre diferentes territórios e o consumismo.

Jorge Macchi, American Dream, 2011 Photo: Leo Motta
CerithWyn Evans, Cleave 02 (The accursed share), Globode vidro, luz, computador, obturador e texto de Georges Bataille, em detalhe. Foto: Ana Luiza Guimarães.

After all, if in ancient times the first travelers (or first foreigners) opened up routes, in the last decades of the 20th century, the notions of space, territory and border, in the context of globalization, require new definitions and produce new materialities and immaterialities, mediated by the intense flow of goods, capital and individuals. Displacing acquires a different meaning, provoking new ways of recording events.

The exhibition is part of the program Território Específico, research axis orienting the whole program of Inhotim over 2021 and 2022.

Laura Lima, Puxador-paisagem (H=c/M=c),1998-2021, details. Photo: Ana Luiza Albuquerque



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