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Monthly Schedule

January at Inhotim

As the new year arrives, Inhotim opens from Tuesday to Sunday to welcome you to spend a day or more in the midst of our art and plant collections! That is, more days to visit Inhotim. January’s schedule is just the kickoff to a year of new surprises at the Park!

Take the opportunity to bring the family and take advantage of the Educational Program, activating various spaces at Inhotim throughout the month.

Holiday educational program

During the month of January, Inhotim’s Educational team will offer activities, workshops and games in different spaces of the museum, such as the Galeria Psicoativa Tunga, the Carroll Dunham Gallery, Jardim Veredas and Largo das Orquídeas.

The Holiday Educational Program is free for museum visitors and takes place throughout the month of January.

Visits accompanied by Inhotim’s Educational team

On all visitation days, Inhotim’s Educational team invites you to the  Panoramic Tour. The tour leaves at 10:30 am from Reception.

Lovers of nature, plants, and people interested in the Cerrado will have a blast at the visit  Bastidores do Viveiro, with different dates and programs.

What would the world be like without colors? Based on this provocation, Inhotim’s Educational team invites children to follow the clues to discover the colors present in Inhotim’s gardens and artworks. The  O mundo das cores themed visit takes place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in January.

Temporary exhibitions

On view through July 16, Inhotim holds Quilombo: vida, problemas e aspirações do negro, at the Lago Gallery, and O Mundo é o Teatro do Homem, at the Fonte Gallery.

The two exhibits have as their starting point the pages of the Quilombo newspaper, a publication spearheaded by Nascimento and the Black Experimental Theater, and are part of the Second Act of the Abdias Nascimento e o Museu de Arte Negraexhibition, a curatorial program developed by Inhotim in partnership with Ipeafro since 2021. Visit the exhibitions of the  Abdias Nascimento Program.

Inhotim Opening Hours

In January, Inhotim opens from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the park is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Learn more and  prepare for your visit here.

Learn more about the museum’s restaurants and cafes open on the day of your visit.

Buy your tickets now and book the electric carts in advance. Enjoy your visit!

Monthly Schedule

January at Inhotim

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January at Inhotim

Inhotim monthly schedule



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