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February at Inhotim

In February, Inhotim once again opens from Wednesday to Sunday, but there is good news in store: we will be open 12 days in a row — from February 7 through 18 — so you can enjoy Carnival to experience art and nature here.

Visitation is free on Wednesdays and on the last Sunday of the month, February 25. Find out more in the Free Inhotim Guide and get your ticket in advance.

Take advantage of your visit to take part in the activities offered by the Educativo Inhotim, such as the month’s Themed Visits, the workshops and activations of the Rubem Valentim Atelier and learn more about the history and the collections of the Institute at the Panoramic Tour, which takes place daily.

In addition to the galleries and permanent works on display, also discover the temporary exhibitions in the Mata, Praça, Fonte, Lago and Marcenaria galleries, which are part of the Abdias Nascimento and the Black Art Museum Program. Book your ticket in advance on Sympla and have a nice stroll among the 24 galleries, 9 themed gardens and dozens of outdoor works. See you at Inhotim!

Monthly Schedule

February at Inhotim

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February at Inhotim

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