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Galeria Marcenaria



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Galeria Marcenaria Inhotim
Galeria Marcenaria, Arquitetos Associados, 2008. Photo: William Gomes
Matthew Barney, De lama lâmina, 2004. Galeria Marcenaria Inhotim
Matthew Barney, De lama lâmina, 2004, video, color, sound, 55′ 22”, Still.

Inaugurated in 2008, the gallery name refers to its previous function: during the initial phase of Instituto Inhotim, before it became an exhibition space, Galeria Marcenaria was used to attend to the institution’s production demands of wood pieces. In order to preserve the memory of the building, the project made by Arquitetos Associados proposed little intervention, like one exhibition room. Currently, the gallery exhibits two works for a long term: La Intimidad de la Luz de St. Ives (1997), by Victor Grippo, and the video De lama lâmina (2004), by Matthew Barney.


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