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Carroll Dunham


Mixed technique on linen, 183×168 cm each

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Galeria Carroll Dunham Inhotim
Galeria Carroll Dunham, Rizoma Arquitetura, 2014. Photo: Daniel Mansur
Galeria Carroll Dunham Inhotim
Galeria Carroll Dunham, 2014, [internal view]. Photo: Daniel Mansur

Inaugurated in 2014, the gallery project signed by Rizoma Arquitetura started from an adaptation of a neocolonial house existing in the early farm that is now home to Instituto Inhotim. The original wood doors and windows were replaced by glass, allowing for greater permeability between the inside and the outside spaces.

The gallery keeps a set of paintings by Carroll Dunham, commissioned by Inhotim in 2005 and concluded in 2008. Untamed nature is the central theme of the five works, Garden 1-5 (2008), entering into dialogue with the gardens of the Institute spotted outside.



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