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Galeria Cildo Meireles



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Galeria Cildo Meireles Inhotim
Galeria Cildo Meireles, Paulo Orsini, 2004. Photo: William Gomes
Obra Desvio para o vermelho I: Impregnação, 1967-84, Galeria Cildo Meireles. Acervo Inhotim
Cildo Meireles, Desvio para o vermelho I: Impregnação, 1967-84. Photo: Eduardo Eckenfels

Designed by architect Paulo Orsini, Galeria Cildo Meireles was inaugurated in 2004 and, after two years, went through changes in its original project. Currently, there are three works by the artist on exhibition: Através [Through] (1983-89), Desvio para o vermelho: Impregnação; Entorno; Desvio [Deviation into Red: Impregnation; Surroundings; Deviation] (1967-1984), and Glove Trotter (1991).

Each work occupies a different room autonomously, thus highlighting the spatial dimension. The room of Através, for instance, has two access doors, allowing the visitor to pass through the gallery and reach the Largo das Orquídeas, a themed garden right in front of Galeria Fonte. Seen as a whole, the three works direct the attention to the importance of the beholder’s perception.



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