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Talipot Palm

Popular name: Talipot Palm
Scientific name: Corypha umbraculifera

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Corifa Inhotim
Located in the orange axis, the Talipot palm is part of the landscape design of Galeria Adriana Varejão. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro.
Corifa Inhotim
Quite fibrous and large, the fan-shaped leaves have their tips folded inward. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro.

Very imposing, talipot palms can reach up to 25 meters high and own the largest set of flowers of the plant kingdom, making an expanded halo beyond its leaves. Its flowering, a unique event during its lifetime, takes place between the age of 40 and 80 years.

Millions of hermaphrodite flowers and thousands of seeds are produced and, soon after, the green-brownish fruits take around one year to ripen – after that, the palm tree starts to expire. The leaves are used to make roofs, mats, sunshades, and furniture.

Corifa Inhotim
The size of the leaves captures the attention of the beholder. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro.
Corifa Inhotim
As the plant grows, the stem is marked by traces of the leaves that die and fall. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro. 


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