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Canela-de-ema or Vellozia compacta

Popular name: Canela-de-ema
Scientific name: Vellozia compacta


Canela-de-ema Inhotim
The vellozia has very peculiar features. Due to its high combustion ability, it was commonly used in the making of torches. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro
Canela-de-ema Inhotim
Usually flowering in the month of April, the species is pollinated by bees, and its seeds are naturally spread. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro

At the Lago Novo, one can easily admire the Vellozia compacta, known as canela-de-ema (literally shin of rhea). This species lives well in natural fields on top of mountain ranges, under rocky outcrops. Seeing its delicate purple flowers, one can find it hard to imagine that it is used to stand lack of water, continuous wind, and major temperature variations. It is a genus from the flora of Minas Gerais, endemic to the Serra do Espinhaço.



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