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Rivane Neuenschwander Gallery . Photo Pedro Mota
Obra Continente/Nuvem, 2008, de Rivane Neuenschwander. Acervo de arte contemporânea do Inhotim.
​Rivane Neuenschwander, Continente-nuvem, 2007, polypropylene sheets, aluminum, Styrofoam balls, fluorescent lamps and eletric fans, variable dimensions.  Photo: Eduardo Eckenfels

Inaugurated in 2009, the gallery is home to Continente/Nuvem [Continent/Shadow] (2008), by Rivane Neuenschwander. It is through the relationship with one of the least outstanding architectural elements that the work takes place: by looking at the translucent ceiling, the spectator can observe the continuous movement of countless backlit styrofoam pellets. The structure doesn’t allow us to see the fans assuring the random movement, leading to associations as the passage of clouds, a flock of birds, or even geographical displacements.

Placed in a central spot of Instituto Inhotim, the gallery contrasts with other built structures in the surroundings, just as it happens with its landscape design, recalling that of a domestic garden. Dated of 1874, it is the oldest building of the institution, a remainder of the early farm that occupied the current area of Inhotim.



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