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Monthly Schedule

March at Inhotim

Inhotim is open from Wednesday to Sunday in March. Visitors have two opportunities to visit the park free of charge: the first Wednesday (March 1st) and the last Sunday (March 26th).

On March 18, the exhibition Terceiro Ato – Sortilégio, part of the exhibition Abdias Nascimento e o Museu de Arte Negra, will open at the Mata Gallery, showcasing a selection of the artist’s productions in dialogue with the Afro-diasporic traditions and the philosophy of Candomblé, produced between 1968 and 1981, in addition to works by other artists who were close to Abdias during his exile.

Throughout March, the public will be able to visit the Institute’s permanent collection of art and botany, and discover the temporary exhibitions Quilombo: Quilombo: vida, problemas e aspirações do negro (Lago Gallery) and O mundo é o teatro do homem (Fonte Gallery), on view through July 16.

Among the themed visits offered by the Educativo Inhotim are the Visitas panorâmicas, the Visita Bem-Estar and the Bastidores do Viveiro. We will have the Mulher e Artista visit, to instigate reflections on the works and trajectories of women artists that are part of the Inhotim collection, in addition to the Visita Inaugurações, which presents the Terceiro Ato – Sortilégio to the public.

In March, our educators also offer the Mediação em Ponto at the Adriana Varejão Gallery, which celebrates 15 years since its debut at the Institute, and the new exhibition Terceiro Ato – Sortilégio. Check out Educativo’s schedule and plan your visit.

Inhotim is open from Wednesday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the park is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. See all information for your visit here.

Check the restaurants and cafes open on the day of your visit.

Buy your tickets now and book the electric carts in advance. We are waiting for you.

Monthly Schedule

March at Inhotim

​Galeria Rivane Neuenschwander, 2009. Foto: Pedro Motta

​Galeria Rivane Neuenschwander, 2009. Foto: Pedro Motta


Março no Inhotim

Acompanhe este mês nossa programação educativa, visitas mediadas e a nova exposição do programa Abdias Nascimento e o Museu de Arte Negra no Instituto. 



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