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O espaço físico pode ser um lugar abstrato, complexo e em construção

The production of Rommulo Vieira Conceição starts with the overlapping of elements present in public and private spaces. In his works, objects and the architecture are reorganized, thus fusing different environments in order to cause symbolic and functional displacements. This specific work was created based on field research conducted by the artist himself in some … Continued

Toro Condensed; Toro Expanded

One of the basic elements in the conception of the work of Tunga is the image of the circle – a geometric shape that recalls the idea of continuous movements and alludes to metaphors of development, like the cycle of life. The torus is the resulting topological space of two circles: one from the inside … Continued

Prole do Bebê

In Prole do Bebê (2000) each piece has a different shape. They are organic, nearly amoeboid shapes that Tunga names as ‘modrongos,’ weird beings. Such individual and independent bodies have protuberances and cavities, in an allusion to sexuality. Made in fiberglass, the pieces are also covered in make-up, as a trace of the performance Make … Continued

Palíndromo Incesto

Palíndromo Incesto (1990-1992) was featured in the itinerant exhibition ‘Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century,’ presented in several European institutions before arriving at the MoMA – Museum of Modern Art in New York, in 1993. The title indicates several possible interpretations. A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backward and … Continued

Lezart V

The installation Lézart V was first exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (EUA), in 1989, and at the Whitechapel Gallery (England) in the following year. A short story written by the artist himself serves as a point of departure for the work: in it, he finds himself lying on a hammock, resting in … Continued

À la Lumière des Deux Mondes

The work À la Lumière des Deux Mondes (2005) was first exhibited at Musée du Louvre (France), on the occasion of a major exhibition dedicated to the representation of Brazil in the 17th century by the Dutch painter Frans Post (1612-1680). A remarkable aspect in the work of Post is the expressive light, attributed as … Continued

A Bela e a Fera

A Bela e a Fera (2001) was conceived for an exhibition at the gardens of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, in Venice (Italy), where the work was tied to chains and attached to trees, so as to elevate the sculpture as they would grow. At Instituto Inhotim, it is exposed inside the gallery. The interest in … Continued

Linda do Rosário

The surface of Linda do Rosário (2004) makes reference to regular tiles, white ceramic squares that are often seen in aseptic environments, like kitchens and bathrooms. Painted viscera then come out of what would be the guts of this ruined wall – a feature of the Charques series, produced by the artist since the 2000s. … Continued

Psicopompo Cooking Crystal

In Psicopompo Cooking Crystal (2010) one can observe the construction of an image that seems to be removed from a larger, unknown context. The iron and steel gate is open, and the door is covered by magnets. In a mystical reading, gates are the representation of moments of energetic transformation, just like magnets, that also … Continued


In X-estudo (2009), a silver tray is connected by metal threads to a structure similar to the one used in marionettes, except that covered in rough blocks of magnets, which creates a magnetic field. This field is the basis to the other elements articulated in the work. Due to their physical-chemical properties, the materials present … Continued



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