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Yellow Ipê

Popular name: Yellow ipê
Scientific name: Handroanthus ochraceus

Ipê-amarelo Inhotim
The Yellow ipê is located in the pink axis, close to Galeria Claudia Andujar. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro.
Ipê-amarelo Inhotim
The flowering takes place during winter, and the exuberance of its yellow flowers can be seen from a distance. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro.

People who usually pass by the Brazilian Cerrado might have already been surprised by the beauty of this yellow ipê species and its vibrating tones blooming during winter, at the peak of the dry period, announcing the arrival of spring and the first rains.

In addition to its landscape design potential, the ipê wood can be used in civil construction, carpentry, cabinetry, and in the making of barrels for aging cachaça.

Ipê-amarelo Inhotim
The leaf is recovered by a very thin fur in its lower and lighter side. The flowering takes place when the tree is completely out of leaves. Photo: João Marcos Rosa/Nitro.


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