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Iron and leather

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Tunga, Deleite, 1999, Inhotim
Tunga, Deleite, 1999, iron and leather, 495x520x310. Photo: Tibério França

Deleite (1999) de Tunga. Acervo de arte contemporânea Inhotim
Tunga, Deleite, 1999. Photo: William Gomes

Deleite (1999) is one of the first works of the collection to be assembled in the gardens of Instituto Inhotim, gathering recurring objects and materials in the lexicon of Tunga over four decades of production. Made of iron and leather, the work has a simple structure at its core: a big tripod articulating shafts in the shape of canes.

This piece by Tunga shelters and supports a whole set, articulated with chains and magnets, bells, bowls, funnels, in addition to three benches made out of three supports. Interested in narratives somewhere in between fiction and science, here the artist alludes to an archaic monument or remnants of a ritual.


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