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Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden of Inhotim is engaged with the preservation and research of natural heritage. See how you can exchange knowledge with the Botanical Garden team and obtain seedlings, seeds, and plants of the collection.

  • Scientific Research

    Are you interested in having support for researches related with the flora? Get in touch sending e-mail to for authorizations and scheduling. For information about scientific works involving Inhotim, contact the Ethics Commission for Research at Instituto Inhotim (COEPI).

  • Donation of seeds and seedlings

    Part of the seedlings produced by the Botanical Garden of Inhotim, as well as part of the seeds, are destined to actions intended to preserve the flora by duly registered institutions, prioritizing public and nonprofit organizations.

    Contact Juliano Borin, botanical curator of Inhotim, sending an e-mail to explaining the purpose, the kind, and the amount of material desired to check the availability and possibility of donation.

  • Conferences and Workshops

    The Botanical Garden team is multidisciplinary and counts with several collaborators involved in activities around gardening, research, environmental management and projects, who are available for conferences, workshops, and other educational activities.

    Get in touch over e-mail:

  • Sale of plants

    Collectors and landscape designers interested in purchasing batches of plants produced at the Viveiro Inhotim must send an e-mail to informing the desired species, the quantity, and the size of them. Requests are subject to internal approval and to the availability of species.



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