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Botanical Garden


In the Viveiro Educador, the educational seedbed that serves as headquarters of the Botanical Garden, scientific research and the culture of species contribute to the construction of knowledge, environmental awareness, and popularization of science. In it, there is the Laboratório de Botânica, a space dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity that also works to propagate rare and hard-to-grow vegetal species.

Seed Bank

In this space, the selection of seeds and production of seedlings of native species takes place. For ex situ preservation, two cold chambers store the seeds for longer periods. There are more than 220 thousand seeds of 34 species, all of them native to the Atlantic Forest and the tropical savanna of Cerrado, available for exchange and donation to other botanical gardens, institutions, and researchers.

In Vitro Growth

The in vitro growth is a valuable tool for the propagation of endangered and hard-to-grow species. Currently, seedlings of Cattleya walkeriana Gardner, an orchid species native to the Cerrado and now endangered, are produced in the Laboratório de Botânica.

Researches on Flora

The Lab also makes scientific researches on native and endangered species of the Brazilian flora, in addition to studying typical specimens from the region of Brumadinho, seeking to develop cropping protocols and to plan preservation actions in the medium and longer-term. Presently, studies focus on species like the Melanoxylon brauna, popularly known as brauna, and members of the Syagrus, a genus of palm tree.  

Climate Fund

In partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, the project “Creation of Carbon Sequestration Prototype for Community Development and the Recovery of a Degraded Area” was held in Brumadinho from 2012 to 2017, with the participation of the community of Córrego do Feijão. The project resulted in several types of research and the acquisition of an expressive collection of specialized publications on themes regarding the recovery of degraded areas and carbon sequestration, now available for research.

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