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Botanical Garden


The botanic collection of Instituto Inhotim is unique. With groups of high value in terms of landscape design and major phylogenetic representativeness, there are some 4,300 species of vascular plants, part of them organized in eight themed gardens for public exhibition. All this diversity makes the Botanical Garden of Inhotim an excellent platform for scientific studies, environmental education, and preservation initiatives both in situ and ex situ – inside and outside their natural environment –, which favors the replication of many species, some of them already endangered in their natural habitat.

In the collection, the most representative botanic families are:

  • Arecaceae (23%)
  • Araceae (11%)
  • Orchidaceae (10%)
  • Bromeliaceae (4%)
  • There is also a strong presence of Cactaceae and Acanthaceae.


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