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Guided visits

Visits – May 2022 Openings

On every Saturday and Sunday of June 2022, including the June 16 holiday, Inhotim’s Educational team will take visitors on the mediated visit “May 2022 Openings.”

Registration starts at 1:40 pm at the Reception. The visit departs from the same place, at 2 pm. For each tour of the mediated visit, 15 spots will be available. With the new exhibition program, Inhotim’s Educational team is offering a tour through the new shows at Mata and Praça Galleries, where visitors will get an in-depth perspective of the exhibitions dedicated, respectively, to Abdias Nascimento and Isaac Julien.

The visit will also cover two spots from the Acervo em Movimento [Collection in Motion]: The lake between Mata and True Rouge Galleries, featuring the piece by Laura Belém; and between Jorge Macchi’s Piscina (2009) and Marilá Dardot’s gallery, where the work of Arjan Martins is exhibited.

The “May 2022 Inaugurations” mediated visit will also cover the Burle Marx Educational Center, located under Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus Garden Inhotim (2009). This is the spot for the Inhotim Biblioteca [Inhotim Library] project, an occupation by Jaime Lauriano.

Visits take place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays of June, always at 2 pm, leaving from the Reception. Buy your ticket in advance and plan ahead to take part in the “May 2022 Inaugurations” mediated visit.

Guided visits

Visits – May 2022 Openings

Inhotim’s Educational team invites you to visit the new exhibitions and the Collection in Motion.



2022 Inaugurations mediated visit:

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays of June. Registration starting at 1:40 pm at the Reception. Average duration: 90 minutes. Limited to 15 visitors.


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