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Monthly Schedule

October at Inhotim

Throughout the month of October, new movements take place in Inhotim’s collection. In addition, a special program for Children’s Week shakes up the park up to October 15, while the visiting program continues throughout the month.

Estação Educativa: Semana das Crianças

Children of different age groups are invited to participate in the program developed by Inhotim’s Educational Team. Activities will take place on Wednesday, October 12, and the weekend of October 15 and 16.

Movements in the art collection Opened in December 2021, the group show Deslocamentos [Displacements] enters its final stretch. The exhibition is on view at the Fonte Gallery through Sunday, October 9.

On October 9, the work Troca-troca (2002), by Jarbas Lopes, leaves the Largo das Orquídeas. The work will be placed at a new location from October 20, Thursday.

On display since August 2021 at Inhotim and in existing structures in the city of Brumadinho, PROPAGANDA (2021), by Lúcia Koch, can be visited through October 16, Sunday.

Visit Schedule

On all visitation days, you have the opportunity to be accompanied by Inhotim’s Educational team in the Panoramic Tour The tour leaves at 10:30 am from the Reception.

Lovers of nature, plants, and people interested in the Cerrado will have a blast at the visit Bastidores do Viveiro, with different dates and programs.

With the diversity of Inhotim’s artistic and botanical collections, our Educational team invites visitors to the Visita Temática Cor e Luz at Inhotim. The themed visit invites participants to examine the Institute’s collections and discuss the relationship of contemporary works with colors, textures and luminosity in the spaces. Conducted by educators of the Institute, the visits will take place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in October, leaving at 2 pm from the Reception.

Inhotim Opening Hours

In October, Inhotim opens from Wednesday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and the October 12 holiday, the park is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Learn more about the museum’s restaurants and cafes open on the day of your visit.

On Sundays of the first and second rounds of the election (Oct 2 and 30), Inhotim opens at 10:30 am.

Buy your tickets now and book the electric carts in advance. Enjoy your visit!


Outubro no Inhotim

Programação mensal do Instituto 

Monthly Schedule

October at Inhotim

A obra Troca-troca (2002), de Jarbas Lopes se despede do Largo das Orquídeas e inicia seu percurso até a Galeria Praça. Vídeo: Área de Serviço

A obra Troca-troca (2002), de Jarbas Lopes se despede do Largo das Orquídeas e inicia seu percurso até a Galeria Praça. Vídeo: Área de Serviço



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