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Untitled, from the Marionettes series

Fictive or imaginary characters are recurring in the production of Tunga. In the work Untitled (2010), part of the Marionettes series, steel cables draw a human silhouette and compose a network, filled with big quartz crystals that give volume to this body. The body of crystals is then suspended in the space by metal threads … Continued

Inside Out, Upside Down

The objects composing this work are traces of the performance that took place for the inauguration of Galeria Psicoativa Tunga in 2012. At first sight, the seven nylon nets recall traps, as they keep old leather suitcases, raincoats, and felt hats in suspension. Spread around a side stairwell, the suspended nets connect two other pieces … Continued

De lama lâmina

De lama lâmina (2004) is the video unfolding of the performance made in collaboration with musician Arto Lindsay during Carnival in Salvador back in 2004. Instead of the traditional trio elétrico (sound truck), a major tractor is used in the performance as a kind of carro alegórico (allegorical float) and followed by the bloco (Carnival … Continued

Matthew Barney

Inaugurated in 2009, the gallery is home to the work De Lama Lâmina (2009), the final unfolding of the project undertaken by Matthew Barney in partnership with musician Arto Lindsay during carnival in Salvador, back in 2004. Made especially for Instituto Inhotim, the installation reaffirms his interest in mythological narratives, finding a fertile ground in … Continued



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