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Inhotim em Cena

Otto at the Equatorial Greenhouse

Otto’s music enters the stage and finds the might and beauty of the plants in the Botanical Garden at the 2021 Inhotim em Cena. Performing at the Equatorial Greenhouse, the artist from Pernambuco and his band will play hits from his career and will exclusively launch two new songs from his new album, Canícule Selvagem, featuring singer Tika.

To the sounds of “Crua,” “Ciranda de Maluco,” and other songs by Otto, nuances of the botanical species in our garden can be seen up close. The Equatorial Greenhouse is an environment with controlled temperature and humidity that reproduces the equatorial climate. It allows our team to work in species conservation, in the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge and in the promotion of environmental education.

Inhotim em Cena

Otto at the Equatorial Greenhouse

O cantor e compositor pernambuco se apresenta na Esfuta Equatorial. Foto: Raval



Inhotim Em Cena 2021: Otto, na Estufa Equatorial

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