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Inhotim publishes its first Visitor’s Guide

Celebrating its 15th anniversary after opening to the public, Inhotim announces its first visitor’s guide in English and Portuguese. The integration between art and nature is at the heart of Caminhos [Pathways], a publication that imagines the body in motion crossing gardens, observing botanical species, encountering artworks, taking breaks, breathing.

The title, Caminhos – Guia de Visitação Inhotim [Pathways: Inhotim Visitor’s Guide], follows the editorial concept started in Através [Through, 2008], a publication about the Institute’s art collection, launched in its early years, which borrowed the title of Cildo Meireles’s work, and is also inspired by a work from the collection: Leon Ferrari’s Caminos (1982).

The Guide compiles information about the Galleries, Themed Gardens, featured botanical species and the Institute’s open-air works, organized by colors—yellow, pink and orange— representing the visitation routes, as shown on the map and on the signposts throughout the park.

With the guide in hand, visitors can broaden their experience with the artistic and botanical collections. Outside the park, Pathways becomes a work of reference, research, memory and even imagination.

Caminhos – Guia de Visitação Inhotim, and its English version, Pathways, are available for sale at the Inhotim Design Store, on the park and online.


Caminhos – Guia de Visitação Inhotim [Pathways: Inhotim Visitor’s Guide].

Organization: Lorena Vicini, Wendell Silva, Douglas de Freitas

Editing: Wendell Silva, Lorena Vicini

Editorial Coordination: Carolina Lopes

Research: Sabrina Moura, Carolina Lopes, Sabrina Carmo, Nayara Mota, Bárbara Sales, Juliano Borin, André Onofre L. Chaves, Sofia Junqueira, Deri Andrade, Lucas Menezes

Texts: Sabrina Moura

Translation: Daniel Lühmann

Proofreading (Portuguese): Vera De Simoni (De Simoni Comunicação) and Regina Stocklen

Proofreading (English): Regina Stocklen

Graphic Design and Layout: Alles Blau

Image Editing: Carolina Lopes

Graphic Production: Jairo da Rocha

Printing: Ipsis – Gráfica e Editora


Inhotim publishes its first Visitor’s Guide

Information about Inhotim's Galleries, Themed Gardens, botanical species and open-air works are included in the Pathways guide. Photo: Brendon Campos


Visitor’s Guide

Available at the Inhotim Design Store


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