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Bastidores Series

Ep.5 | Restoration of Hélio Oiticica’s Magic Square

In the fifth episode of the Bastidores series, you get to know the details of the restoration process of Invenção da cor, Penetrável Magic Square #5 De Luxe (1977), that took place from August to November 2020, while the museum was closed due to the pandemics.

The technical staff at Inhotim explains this process step by step, conducted according to orientations left by Hélio Oiticica himself in his notes concerning the work. Douglas de Freitas, the associated curator of the Institute, also adds interesting details about the work and its relations with the body and the landscape.

Composing the soundtrack, Tropicália by Caetano Veloso was executed by the Orquestra de Câmara Inhotim. Such choice comes from the fact that Hélio Oiticica was one of the exponents of the Tropicalist movement in contemporary art.

This video is part of the Bastidores series, created by Inhotim to show the backstage of a museum. 

The series is also available at Inhotim’s YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Facebook profile.

Bastidores Series

Ep.5 | Restoration of Hélio Oiticica’s Magic Square

​Rivane Neuenschwander, "Continente/Nuvem", 2008-2009, plástico corrugado, alumínio, bolas de isopor, lâmpadas fluorescentes, ventiladores elétricos e timers, dimensões variáveis. Foto: Pedro Motta



Estreia: Bastidores Ep.7 | Conservação "Continente / Nuvem" (2008-2009)

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