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Laura Belém

On the lake in front of the True Rouge Gallery, two rowing boats are placed facing one another, with their spotlights on. This is the work Enamorados [Enamored, 2004–2005], by Laura Belém, which plays with flirtation and gestures between two bodies that never touch. It was originally created for the Pampulha Lagoon in 2004, and … Continued


Over her life, Aleksandra Mir went through four different migrations, becoming used to transgressing borders. Such a stateless experience gave rise to a recurring questioning in her production around the sociopolitical forces shaping national and local identities. The Mediterranean series (2007) stems from her experience in the Mediterranean island of Sicily, Italy. Here, the territorial … Continued


Reflecting on the place of art and the maneuvers for spreading information, PROPAGANDA (2021) is a work composed of interventions in billboards with photos of boxes and empty packages that the artist Lucia Koch collected in Brumadinho and Belo Horizonte. Part of the Fundos series, the images are presented in existing structures in the city … Continued

In-between Lands (2021)

In-between Lands is a solo exhibition by artist Aleksandra Mir, currently on exhibition at Galeria Praça and composed of four drawings from the Mediterranean series (2007). The work questions the sociopolitical forces that shape national and local identities. Such reflection stems from the stateless experience accumulated by the artist as a four-time migrant, and was … Continued

Desvio para o vermelho

The caption of Desvio para o vermelho (1967-1984) presents two dates: the year the project was conceived (1967), and the year it was first assembled at the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (1984); at Inhotim, it is permanently exhibited since 2006. The title of the work by Cildo Meireles makes reference to … Continued


Através (1983-1989) takes as a point of departure the child recollections of Cildo Meireles, a turning point from a moment when one could freely circulate between domestic spaces and the street, to the time when such spaces started to be surrounded by surveillance mechanisms – in the physical sense as much as in the psychological … Continued

Glove Trotter

Glove Trotter (1991) was first shown at the itinerant exhibition Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century (1992-1993), that has been presented in several important art institutions, and lastly at the MoMA – Museum of Modern Art in New York (USA). The work is composed of several spheres of different sizes, colors, and materials collected … Continued

By Means of a Sudden Intuitive Realization

By Means of a Sudden Intuitive Realization (1996) was first shown at Manifesta Biennale I in Rotterdam (Netherlands), in 1996. Olafur Eliasson takes as a point of departure the utopian, visionary architecture of Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), who took inspiration from geodesic shapes of nature to design simple and sustainable constructions throughout his life. Here, … Continued

Giant Fern

Estas plantas primitivas têm seus ancestrais datados no período carbonífero (há cerca de 359 milhões a 299 milhões de anos). É uma samambaia monumental, cujas folhas podem chegar a 8 metros de comprimento e tem sua origem na Oceania, com ocorrência na Ásia, Austrália e Madagascar. Por ser de grande porte, deve ser plantada em … Continued



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