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True Rouge


Nets, wood, blown glass, glass beads, red paint, pool balls, bottle cleaner brushes, felt, crystal balls, variable dimensions.

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Galeria True Rouge Inhotim
Galeria True Rouge, Paulo Orsini, 2002. Photo: Eduardo Eckenfels.
Obra True Rouge, 1997, de Tunga. Acervo de arte contemporânea do Inhotim.
Tunga, True Rouge, 1997, [detail]. Photo: Carol Lopes.

Designed by Paulo Orsini and inaugurated in 2002, the gallery is the first one to permanently exhibit the work of one single artist. The True Rouge (1997) installation gathers suspended containers in irregular positions, recalling the universe of a laboratory. Inside each glass piece, there is a red liquid that, depending on its tilt, pours into other containers. The work also counts on a process named by the artist as instauration, a performative act composed by a group of naked performers occupying the space, interacting with the pieces, and activating the work. It alludes to important issues in the production of Tunga: the vital cycles, alchemy, and the presence of bodies.  



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