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Lygia Pape


Ttéia 1 C, 2002,
Metalized thread, variable dimensions

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Galeria Lygia Pape Inhotim
Galeria Lygia Pape, Rizoma Arquitetura, 2012. Photo: Eduardo Eckenfels.
Obra Ttéia 1 C, 2002, de Lygia Pape. Galeria Lygia Pape. Acervo de arte contemporânea Inhotim
Lygia Pape, Ttéia 1 C, 2002, [on detail]. Foto: William Gomes

Inaugurated in 2012, the gallery was designed by Rizoma Arquitetura to receive the work Ttéia 1C (2002), by Lygia Pape. The installation is the result of the experiences initiated by the artist back in 1977 around spider webs in nature, and how the structure would disappear and reappear following the light incidence, as some sort of columns that fade and reappear as the spectator walks through the space.

Architectural elements like the total absence of light challenge the perception of the space, and the path towards the work is guided by the intuition of finding something hidden in the darkness.



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