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Environment Week 2023

Seminar “Learning from plants”

As part of the Inhotim Environment Week 2023 [link to general invitation], on June 3, the Seminar “Learning with plants” invites professionals from different backgrounds to a debate on how we can think and build new relationships with the environment to which we belong, an urgent demand of our times.

Inspired by the ideas of the Italian philosopher Stefano Mancuso, the discussion stems from the notion of plants as a model of strength, innovation and resilience, to weave a conversation that goes through different fields of knowledge in the face of questioning about how we can create new ways of being in the world.

The Seminar takes place from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Theater. The round tables are subject to the capacity of the Theater and will feature as guests Julia Medeiros, Ricardo Cardim, Dona Liça Pataxoop, Aline Lobato, Elisa Maria and Lidianne Oliveira. Applications can be made through Sympla.


Ricardo Cardim

Landscaper and botanist, he is the director of an office specialized in large projects, with nationwide operations. Holder of a master’s degree in Botany from the University of São Paulo, in 2021 he was granted the Muriqui Prize, one of the main environmental awards in the country. He was the curator of exhibitions at the Museu da Casa Brasileira and at the Museu Brasileiro de Escultura e Ecologia, in São Paulo. He is the author of the books “Remanescentes da Mata Atlântica: as grandes árvores da floresta original e seus vestígios” [Remnants of the Atlantic Forest: the great trees of the original forest and their remains], a finalist for the Jabuti Prize in the Sciences Category, and “Paisagismo sustentável para o Brasil” [Sustainable landscaping for Brazil].

Dona Liça Pataxoop

Dona Liça Pataxoop belongs to the Pataxó people and lives in the indigenous village Pataxoop Muã Mimatxi, in the municipality of Itapecerica (MG). She is an educator, artist and leader of women. Her studies and learnings happened with the land, and she shares the essential values of life inspired by rivers, mangroves and the sea.

Aline Lobato

Biologist and environmental educator, Aline Lobato has been working with biodiversity conservation in protected natural areas for over a decade. Currently, she is part of the team at the Águia Branca Environmental Reserve, in the mountains of Espírito Santo. She believes that life is much better with forests.

Elisa Maria

Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), working in the Graduate Program in Letters: Literary Studies. Elisa holds a degree in

Social Communication from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where she also pursued her master’s and doctorate degrees in Neo-Latin Letters. She holds a postdoctoral degree from Stanford University and PUC-Rio.

Lidianne Oliveira

Architect and landscaper, Lidianne Oliveira is a free lover and independent researcher of medicinal plants and the traditions of healers. She produces essential oils, tinctures and other medicines with plants from the Cerrado.

Julia Medeiros

Writer, actress, composer, playwright, screenwriter and culture producer. Her first book, “A Avó Amarela,” won the Jabuti Prize and the National Foundation for Children’s and Youth Books Prize. Julia was part of the theater group Ponto de Partida for 16 years and also worked in Bituca: University of Popular Music and in the Meninos de Araçuaí choir. Since 2007, she has been developing creations that link culture, nature and art, having participated in several projects.

Environment Week 2023

Seminar “Learning from plants”

Professionals from different areas meet at the Seminar to discuss new relationships with the environment. Photo: João Marcos Rosa

Professionals from different areas meet at the Seminar to discuss new relationships with the environment. Photo: João Marcos Rosa


Seminar "Learning from plants"

June 3

from 10 am to 4 pm




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