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Território Específico

Welcome to the first season of the Inhotim Podcast. Hosted by actress Bárbara Colen, the series follows along the paths of Instituto Inhotim as a starting point to create connections, sensory experiences and reflections.

Over six episodes, artists, employees of the Institute and specialists from different areas are invited to expand our ways of perceiving and being in the world, drawing on themes that penetrate Inhotim’s territory and the entire ecosystem surrounding it. From the horizons in sight, the passage of time, the notions of reality, to the ground where we stand. Plants, buildings, birds, what touches the land and flies through the air—everything can serve as an object for reflection in this podcast.

Listen to the episodes of the first season on the main podcast players - Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Castbox ,YouTube and on this website.

This season is sponsored by Itaú, through the Federal Law for Culture Incentive, and Fiat. Realization: Instituto Inhotim, the Special Secretariat for Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and the Federal Government of Brazil.


Host: Barbara Colen
Conception: Lorena Vicini
General Coordination: Paula Scarpin, Renan Sukevicius, Vitor Hugo Brandalise and Ricardo Lopes
Executive Coordination: Ricardo Lopes and Guilherme Alpendre
Production Coordination: Marcelle Darrieux
Script: Renan Sukevicius, Vitor Hugo Brandalise and Lorena Vicini
Research: Lorena Vicini and Gabriela Longman
Production: Renan Sukevicius and Gabriela Varella
Editing: Julia Matos
Final Editing & Mixing: Luis Rodrigues and João Jabace, Pipoca Sound
Distribution: Bia Ribeiro
Original Score: Luis Rodrigues and João Jabace, Pipoca Sound

Digital Coordination: Ricardo Lopes
Visual Identity: Allesblau Território Específico Images: Luis Matuto
Motion design and unfoldings: Lana Costa
Development: Mandelbrot
and Juliana Jaeger
Web Content: Luciana Pimenta / Salut Marketing Digital
Digital Stategy: Ricardo Lopes, Juliana Jaeger, Trina Branding
Ane Tavares, Brendon Campos, Lorena Vicini, Luana Campos, Marcelo Martins, Ricardo Lopes, Thiago Pacheco, Wendell Silva.



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