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Passarinhos – de Inhotim a Demini

Passarinhos – de Inhotim a Demini (2008) is exposed outdoors, recovering the benches of the gallery’s terrace. The hand-painted tiles are the support to individual reproductions of more than 490 birds of different species. The work is an unfolding of the installation Pássaros da Amazônia (2003), presented in the exhibition Yanomami – Spirit of the … Continued

O colecionador

O colecionador (2008) is part of the Saunas series, approaching the sensual and erotic charge of these spaces. It is an unfolding of O Sonhador (2006), magnifying both its size and drawing. Here, Adriana Varejão leaves the Portuguese baroque tiles and goes towards the representation of monochromatic ceramic pieces, recurring in the construction of aseptic … Continued


In the polyptych Carnívoras (2008), the artist goes back to the tiles, a recurring element in her painting, and represents species of carnivorous plants: Darlingtonia, Dionaea, Drosera, Heliamphora, and Nepenthes, as a reference to the formality of botanic cataloging. The idea of the work came up from the artist’s observation when the gallery was finished. … Continued

Carroll Dunham

Inaugurated in 2014, the gallery project signed by Rizoma Arquitetura started from an adaptation of a neocolonial house existing in the early farm that is now home to Instituto Inhotim. The original wood doors and windows were replaced by glass, allowing for greater permeability between the inside and the outside spaces. The gallery keeps a … Continued



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