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Themed Visits

Visit Collections and Collecting at Inhotim Discover the factors that motivate the formation of art and botanical collections based on Inhotim’s archives. February 01 and 03, at 11 am Visit starts at the Reception Visit The Stories That Plants Tell Conversation about the narratives of the species present in the Inhotim Botanical Garden, presenting the … Continued

February at Inhotim

Exhibitions, activations, workshops, and more open days for you to connect with art and nature at the Institute.

Themed Visits

Each month, Educativo Inhotim offers different themes that draw from the Institute’s artistic and plant collection to provoke reflections and dialogues on relevant and important issues today. The program is free and open to visitors of all ages. To participate, simply register in advance at the Reception or at the location where the activity will … Continued

Língua de origem africana e obras de Mestre Didi são foco da atividade



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