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    Instituto Inhotim is continuously challenged with achieving its sustainability and perenniality. For this, we rely on the financial support of private and public institutions that invest in the continuity and maintenance of social, educational and cultural projects.

    The companies that have already joined this project enjoy a policy of relationships structured on bases that include synergy between the sponsored projects and the sponsoring company’s values and principles, ranging from national and international brand visibility to exclusive and customized experiences.


    Entre em contato e faça parte desse lugar único no mundo que transforma a vida de milhares de crianças, jovens, adultos e pessoas da terceira idade.

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    Instituto Inhotim has projects approved in the mechanisms for cultural incentives. To learn more about how your company can be a sponsor, contact us.

    Cinema na Praça

    The intent is to screen movies outdoors and free of charge in places where there are no movie theaters. The project has been taking place in Brumadinho and region since 2013.

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    Consumo Consciente na Praça

    Activities related to environmental conservation aimed at the everyday life of the population.The projectispartof Inhotim School’sprogram.

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    Inhotim Encanto Choir

    Over 70 residents of Brumadinho and region take part in this project, including children, youngsters and elderly.

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    Descentralizando o Acesso

    Program aimed at the public school system in Brumadinho and region, which includes students and teachers.

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    Escola de Cordas

    The Inhotim School for String Musicians offers free musical education to young people in Brumadinho and region.

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    Espaço Ciência

    The project takes scientific knowledge to public schools in the Greater Belo Horizonte Area.

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    Inhotim para Todos

    Visitation program that promotes free access to Inhotim for youngsters, adults and elderly taking part in social programs, as well as in community groups and associations.

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    Jovens Agentes Ambientais Brumadinho

    The program trains youngsters from Brumadinho as agents whose intent is to multiply information based on reflections about environmental challenges.

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    Jovens Agentes Ambientais Brasil

    The Young Environmental Agent Program went beyond the boundaries of Inhotim and has already trained youngsters in the states of Goiás and Rio de Janeiro.

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    Laboratório Inhotim

    The project educates young students from Brumadinho who seek knowledge in art history having their everyday experiences as a starting point.

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    Institutional Weeks

    Every year Inhotim promotes actions in areas related to the Institute’s activities. The calendar of institutional and thematic weeks includes the Water Week, the National Museum Week, the Natural Environment Week, Museum Spring, National Science and Technology Week and Accessibility Week.

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