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New Orchid Greenhouse at Inhotim

New Orchid Greenhouse at Inhotim

Next Saturday, March 22, Inhotim Botanical Garden opens another thematic space. The new Vanda Orchid Greenhouse will gather about 350 orchids from the Vanda group, originating from Southeast Asia and Australia, and it will be the only greenhouse of the kind open to the public in Brazil. The event will be the ideal opportunity to see about 50% of these plants flowering at the same time.

The creation of an area dedicated to these rare orchids is part of a conservation project carried out by the Institute and intended to collaborate with the maintenance of these vulnerable species. Those visiting the Vanda Orchid Greenhouse on its opening day will have the chance to talk with orchid specialist Delfina de Araújo and discover interesting facts about these plants. The Blog do Inhotim chatted with the scholar, who gave some tips on how to cultivate this species. Check it out!

– The flowering of the Vandaceous lasts 40 days on average. A good tip to extend this period is to keep the plant away from lamps. The heat they emit causes flowers to dry and wither;

– Sun and excessive heat are also harmful because they lead to plant water loss. So keep the flowers in a cool place;

– The vandaceous should be watered every day, always in the morning. Use preferably a spray bottle and water them until the roots turn green and lose the pearlescent appearance;

– After the loss of flowers, water the plant daily and apply specific fertilizers for this species. They should be kept in a bright place, but away from direct sunlight.

Click here to learn more about the new Vanda Orchid Greenhouse.

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