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  • Novembro, 03. 2014

    Inhotim press room


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    5 works of art to chill out

    Contemporary art has the power to turn one’s head around. It awakens memories often forgotten and brings up a ton of feelings, often antagonistic ones.

    In addition to all this, the works in this list are great to help you relax while visiting the park.

    Piscina [Swimming pool], Jorge Macchi

    First on the list, as it should be, it is the most obvious and crowed one in sunny days. A swimming pool!That’s right! Based on the design by Argentinean artist Jorge Macchi, the work was built and is open for visitation, or rather, for swimming.



    Continente/Nuvem [Continente/Nuvem], Rivane Neuenschwander

    A work intended for you to enjoy lying down.After long walks, that alone would suffice. The floor is cool and it is worth playing to find shapes as we do with clouds in the sky.



    A Origem da Obra de Arte [The Origin of the Work of Art], Marilá Dardot

    With an inspiring view, the work is spread around the garden and invites visitors to plant words. That is right! You put on an apron, choose the letters, the seeds and learn to plant. Strolling along the lawn is also very relaxing and you will certainly laugh a lot with the ideas of those who were there before you.



    Folly, Valeska Soares

    Those who have already been to Inhotim know how hot it can be at the park, and that the air conditioner in the galleries refreshes one’s brain instantly. Now, add people dancing in the dark to a song that could be in the soundtrack of your favorite romantic comedies. Certainly, you will be a lot lighter when you leave Folly than you were when you first entered.



    Galeria Cosmococa

    Cosmococa is also known as kids’ favorite gallery. There, you can play with balloons, jump on mattresses, lie on a hammock, listen to Jimi Hendrix and jump into a very cold pool.

    cosmococa 2


    Have you noticed our list stars and finishes with a swimming pool? Now, all you have to do is plan your visit and dive into contemporary art.

    Have you visited Inhotim and want to share your list of the best works to chill out? Leave a comment here.


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    Setembro, 30. 2014

    Inhotim guides

    Realiza visitas e atividades que convidam a refletir sobre os acervos do Inhotim


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    The garden and other myths

    The garden and other myths

    Since early September, Inhotim has shown the individual exhibit The Garden and other myths, by Romanian artist Geta Br?tescu. Occupying part of Galeria Lago, the exhibit gathers works produced from the 1960s to 2012, and shows a great range of the artist’s production and her perceptions on the female condition, as well as on the making of art itself.

    Geta Br?tescu is currently 88 years old. She has studied in the School of Languages and in the Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest. As it happened in other dictatorships in Western Europe, the Romanian art scene was divided into the “official art”, aimed at State propaganda, and the productions that appeared outside public institutions, in a marginalized way. This was the context in which Br?tescu produced for three decades, and worked as an illustrator for cultural newspaper Secolul 20. Some of the works published back then can be seen in the exhibit.



    Charcoal and ink crawing on paper, from the “Nuduri” (1975) series, part of the “The Garden and other miths” exhibit. Photo: Rossana Magri

    Collages, lithographs, book illustrations, photographs, prints, tapestry, experimental films and video-performances are some of the techniques used by Br?tescu. At Inhotim, some of her works refer back to classical ancient times and Greek mythology. This is the case of Medea, the representation of the mythical character who betrays her family to live with her great love, Jason. When Medea finds out she was replaced by another woman, she kills her own children to revenge.

    Like other artists, Br?tescu visited industrial areas in the country and used this context as a source of inspiration in her production. The circular shape of boilers, pressure gauges, and iron train wheels can be seen in several works, such as Circles (2012). Would the circle be a metaphorical principle?Could the shape of a circle narrate the ups and downs of the Romanian communist regime?These are but a few reflections that emerge from the artist’s work. Make sure to check it out!

    Magno Silva, art educator at Instituto Inhotim



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    Agosto, 20. 2014

    Inhotim press room

    artcultural programminginauguraçãovisit

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    New exhibitions at Inhotim

    As of September 4, those visiting Inhotim will be able to see several new artworks. Artists from Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States propose a new look towards contemporary art production.

    According to Rodrigo Moura, art and cultural program director for the Institute, in the past 10 years interest for art from Latin America and other regions outside hegemonic production centers has increased worldwide. “This movement is very much related to a perspective of narrative decentralization. Considering this context, we understand that the role of a space such as Inhotim is not only to collect renowned names, but also to introduce others, less known here”, he says.

    A new permanent gallery, the eighteenth in the Institute, will be dedicated to North-American painter Carroll Dunham. This gallery will shelter a series of paintings entitled Garden (2008), which comprises five works that reflect the artist’s impressions about Inhotim.


    One of the paintings in the “Garden” series (2008), by Carroll Dunham. Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels. Photo: David Regen

    Galeria Lago, one of the four spaces that hold temporary exhibits at Inhotim, will receive works by three different artists. Romanian Geta Br?tescu, considered a type of Eastern Europe Louise Bourgeois, will have a major individual display of her production, with works made between 1986 and 2013 and entitled The garden and other myths.


    “Medea Hypostases III” (1980), by Geta Br?tescu. Courtesy of the artist and Ivan Gallery, Romania. Photo: Stefan Sava

    Dominik Lang, from the Czech Republic, presents Sleeping City (2011), an installation composed of bronze sculptures created by the artist’s father. Amid iron and wooden sculptures, the pieces acquire new meanings.


    “Sleeping City” (2011), by Dominik Lang. Photo: Ondrej Polak

    Filipino artist David Medalla will present the work Cloud-Gates (1965/2013) from the Bubble Machines series – kinetic sculpture formed by foam and first created by the artist in the 1960s.


    “Cloud-Gates Bubble Machine” (1963-2013), by David Medalla. Courtesy of Baró Galeria. PR Photo

    To celebrate the opening of new projects, musicians Jards Macalé and Jorge Mautner will be on the Inhotim em Cena stage for a special performance. Musical partners and longtime friends, the two artists will replay Brazilian popular music hits and promise to surprise the audience. The concert starts at 3 p.m., near the Magic Square.


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    Agosto, 01. 2014

    Le Parc, Julio

    Artista, nasceu em 1928, em Mendoza, na Argentina

    artbrumadinhonatural environmentvisit

    Leitura: 3 min

    Days that seem not to go by

    Days that seem not to go by

    Good bye Inhotim

    the Inhotim I knew before visiting you

    was left


    with those fragmented pieces of information


    in those images of

    colored illustrations.

    The other Inhotim

    the one I experienced for five days

    is right here within me

    with its tranquil strength

    with the presence

    of its days

    that seem not to go by

    and remain imprinted in me.





    make no mistake


    nature is art

    How much wisdom was needed so that

    the art we find there

    was not phagocyted

    by the multiple greens

    inhaling the sky.

    What about the resonance

    of this superb nature

    as we enter the pavilions

    an echo of that which lives in them

    is transported

    outside with a new echo.

    And the back and fro weaves

    a harmonic tie

    creating a magical state

    which seems out of this world,

    yet, with reality as a background.


    the public as a binding agent


    we are this public

    boy, young, mature

    sole receivers

    recreating the world.

    And all this strolling around Inhotim

    brings a certain joy of life

    that comes from the active relation with what

    you are receiving.


    with gluttony

    we become

    citizens of Inhotim

    unconditional citizens.

    So many things experienced with a

    calm spirit but in a

    fast pace, when details are put under

    a telescope

    and metamorphose

    and they go by

    and they go by us again

    bringing small intense


    that reconstruct

    a whole, in motion

    which is not perceived in its totality

    that which is experienced

    makes us think there is a whole there

    that floats before us

    that attaches itself to us

    with that which we had seen with our own eyes

    with that which we had discovered with our own feet

    with a joyful effort

    in a fast-paced morning

    multiple facets of this whole.

    Order inside the pavilions

    order in that which is illuminated by the sun.

    Undoubtedly, order

    between a will and

    great sensitivity

    in a unique mind

    and this is called:


    Inhotim is an invented creation

    result of a

    unique visionary capacity

    that works with what we call


    together with that which grows from the soil

    And this creator has a name and a last name:


    I’m honored to be able to contribute

    with my small grain of sand in this creation!

    Cachan, France

    June, 2014


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    Julho, 08. 2014

    Inhotim press room

    artcultural programmingmusicvisit

    Leitura: 4 min

    Inhotim em Cena Program

    Inhotim em Cena Program

    Inhotim’s cultural program for the second semester is filled with special shows and great artists performing as part of the Inhotim em Cena project. Check out what we have prepared for you and save the dates: 


    On August 15, 16 and 17, Companhia de Dança do Palácio das Artes will enchant Inhotim visitors. The group will debut the choreography especially created by Dani Lima for the Institute. A must-see! The performance will take place at 2:30 p.m., in the park’s gardens. Also, on the 31st, musician Naná Vasconcelos performs with multi-instrumentalist Lui Coimbra under the Tamboril tree, at 3 p.m.


    September weekends are filled with good music. The program starts with the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra with its annual concert at Inhotim on the 7th, at 4 p.m.  On the following Saturday, 13, singer Lenine joins the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra to play songs written by himself, at 4 p.m., near the Tamboril tree. According to him, the experience will be unique: “The sense of collectivity is the greatest thing about playing my music with many other artists. When this happens in an art-oriented space, then, it is transcendental.   The parameter is totally different, stakes are higher. I´m filled with expectations and looking forward to visiting Inhotim, I will take the opportunity to visit the galleries and the Vanda Orchid Greenhouse”, says Lenine, who loves orchids, one of the plant collections at the Inhotim Botanical Garden.

    On the 21st, at 3 p.m., the Contemporary Music Series brings works by Brazilian Sérgio Rodrigo and Palestinian composer Samir Odeh-Tamimi, who lives in Berlim. The concert is the result of a partnership between Inhotim and Festival Artes Vertentes, which takes place in Tiradentes, in the state of Minas Gerais. Coordinated by pianist Luis Gustavo Carvalho, art director for the Festival, the event will rely on the participation of German, English, Japanese and Brazilian musicians.


    The Contemporary Music Series closes the year with a concert by the Sonante 21 group, joined by American singer Martha Herr, at 3 p.m., at the Inhotim Theater. They will perform Pierrot Lunaire, a series of songs composed by Arnold Schönberg, and which has become one of the most influential pieces in 20th century music. The performance also marks the premiere of a piece by Minas-born composer Rogério Vasconcelos, especially requested by Inhotim to the artist for this occasion. Tickets will be distributed 30 minutes before the performance, on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Check out more details of Inhotim’s cultural program here and purchase your tickets right away!


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