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Prawn-stuffed Sole

Prawn-stuffed Sole

Learn how to prepare this delicious dish served at Tamboril, one of Inhotim’s restaurants that offers a diversified international menu.



2 kg (4 lb.) of sole fillet

1 kg (2 lb.) of pink prawns

2 spoons of butter

1 leek cut into slices

2 grated onions

Extra virgin olive oil

Lime and salt to taste

How to prepare

Season the sole fillet and the prawns with salt and lime and set aside. Squeeze the grated onions using a sieve to remove all the water, which should be diluted in melted butter. Pass this mix onto the sole. Then, make a medallion with each fillet, stuffing each one with two prawns.

Place the medallions in an ovenproof dish and pour the rest of the onion-water and butter mix on top. Put it into the oven preheated to medium temperature for 30 minutes, cover with foil. Then, remove the foil and let it brown for 10 more minutes. The sauce should not dry up.

In a separate pot, sauté the leek in olive oil and put it over the roasted medallions. Serve with rice with garlic and arugula salad.

Makes 6 servings


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