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  • Fevereiro, 17. 2017

    Inhotim press room

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    Carnival 2017 at Inhotim

    Carnival 2017 at Inhotim

    Happiness and joy! During all days of carnival season, Inhotim will be open to visitors, and that includes Monday.
    From Saturday to Ash Wednesday, the Park will operate from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and offer a varied programming with plenty of fun!

    Toy making for the revelry
    To cheer up your visit, the Educational Station invites adults and children to build their own toys and get in the spirit of carnival! Weather vanes, confetti launchers and trinkets will set the tone and bring colors to Inhotim’s gardens.

    When: February 25 to 28.
    Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    Where: Educational Station for Visitors
    Public: all ages (50 participants per day limit).

    Thematic Visit – The Neo-Concrete Movement
    The artistic and literary movement known as Neo-Concretism emerged in the late 1950s in Rio de Janeiro, opposing the Concretist Movement of the city of São Paulo. Neo-concretists criticized the excess of dogmatism and rationalism expressed by Concretism, and perceived art in a more subjective and sensitive way. Among the various artists who participated in the Neoconcretist Manifesto, Inhotim features works by Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape and Amílcar de Castro. This thematic visit reflects on the importance of this movement, considered by many as a turning point in Brazilian art for influencing a considerable number of artists.

    When: February 25 and 26.
    Hour: 10:30 a.m.
    Where: Reception Room
    Public: all ages (registration starts at 10 a.m. 25 participants per day limit)

    Panoramic Visit
    Explore the many routes of Inhotim through its collections and connections. By going through a selected area of the Park, this visit highlights the Institute’s landscape design and the works displayed in the midst of its gardens.

    When: Tuesday to Sunday
    Hours: 11 a.m. and 2 p.m./
    Where: Reception Room
    Public: all ages (registration starts at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 25 participants per day limit)

    Tamboril Restaurant
    Ever thought about dining at Tamboril Restaurant in a refreshing night? Throughout February, exclusively on Saturdays, this gastronomic space will be open from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., offering a special menu for those who want to live a unique experience in the Park.

    Reservations: +5531 3571 9700

    Fares and directions
    In order to avoid waiting in lines, get your ticket at inhot.im/visite. To get to Inhotim, visitors may choose to drive or opt for shuttle vans or buses departing from Belo Horizonte. Shuttle vans depart from Hotel Holiday Inn (Rua Professor Moraes, 600) throughout the carnival season. Departures at 8:15 a.m. and returns at 5:30 p.m. Roundtrip fare: R$60. Buses depart at 8:15 a.m. from platform 2F of Belo Horizonte’s Central Bus Station (Rodoviária), located at Praça Rio Branco, 100. One-way fares: R$33,05 (BH-Inhotim), R$32,50 (Inhotim-BH).

    While planning your visit, you may want to check on other available services, such as accommodation, internal transportation carts, and restaurant reservations. Please visit Belvitur, Inhotim’s Official Tourism Agency, at belvitur.com.br or gives us a call: +5531 3290 9090 or +5531 3290 9180. It will be a pleasure to clarify any doubt.

    We are ready to welcome you!


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    Setembro, 01. 2014

    Inhotim press room

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    Naná Vasconcelos in Brumadinho

    Naná Vasconcelos in Brumadinho

    “The body is the best tool, the rest is a consequence of it”.That is how musician Naná Vasconcelos, one of the greatest percussionists in the world, opened his percussion workshop in the former-slave community of Marinhos, district of Brumadinho, which took place on 08/30. In the afternoon, children and youths taking part in Inhotim’s percussion musical initiation project could talk to the artist and find out new ways to make music.

    First, the rhythm was marked with the feet. Then, Naná encouraged them all to use their hands, and, finally, their voices. No traditional musical instruments were used.This composition of movements and sounds allowed participants to become aware of their own bodies, as well as to work on respiratory awareness and on the sense of group. Even though the gestures were simple, they carry the strength of Afro-Brazilian musicality, which is a striking feature of the former-slave culture, and are essential to preserve this culture. “Here, in the community, we are born with music being part of us.It is a gift that is passed on generation after generation by the Congado and Mozambique Guards”, says 14-year old Rhayane Estefanie Alves, who took part in the workshop and participates in Inhotim’s percussion project..

    Rhayane Estefanie Alves, integrante do projeto de percussão do Inhotim. Foto: Rossana Magri

    Rhayane Estefanie Alves, participant of Inhotim’s percussion project. Photo: Rossana Magri

    No domingo, Naná Vasconcelos abriu a programação de grandes shows do Inhotim em Cena. Acompanhado do multi-instrumentista Lui Coimbra, o percussionista levou o berimbau da capoeira para o centro do palco, nos jardins do Instituto. Em uma mistura de brasilidade e som erudito, planejamento e improvisação, os artistas criaram um repertório singular que emocionou o público. “Percussão é símbolo de vida. Se não tiver percussão, quer dizer, se o coração não bater, não tem vida”, define Naná.

    Naná Vasconcelos fez show nos jardins do Inhotim no domingo, como parte da programação do Inhotim em Cena. Foto: Daniela Paoliello.

    Naná Vasconcelos performed in the gardens of Inhotim on Sunday.  Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

    Inhotim em Cena 2014 is supported by the Federal Act for Cultural Incentive, Ministry of Culture. It is brought to you by Pirelli, sponsored by Correios and supported by Saritur. Be sure to check out the upcoming shows of Inhotim em Cena! Click here and see the program.

    aqui e veja a programação.


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    Agosto, 01. 2014

    Le Parc, Julio

    Artista, nasceu em 1928, em Mendoza, na Argentina

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    Days that seem not to go by

    Days that seem not to go by

    Good bye Inhotim

    the Inhotim I knew before visiting you

    was left


    with those fragmented pieces of information


    in those images of

    colored illustrations.

    The other Inhotim

    the one I experienced for five days

    is right here within me

    with its tranquil strength

    with the presence

    of its days

    that seem not to go by

    and remain imprinted in me.





    make no mistake


    nature is art

    How much wisdom was needed so that

    the art we find there

    was not phagocyted

    by the multiple greens

    inhaling the sky.

    What about the resonance

    of this superb nature

    as we enter the pavilions

    an echo of that which lives in them

    is transported

    outside with a new echo.

    And the back and fro weaves

    a harmonic tie

    creating a magical state

    which seems out of this world,

    yet, with reality as a background.


    the public as a binding agent


    we are this public

    boy, young, mature

    sole receivers

    recreating the world.

    And all this strolling around Inhotim

    brings a certain joy of life

    that comes from the active relation with what

    you are receiving.


    with gluttony

    we become

    citizens of Inhotim

    unconditional citizens.

    So many things experienced with a

    calm spirit but in a

    fast pace, when details are put under

    a telescope

    and metamorphose

    and they go by

    and they go by us again

    bringing small intense


    that reconstruct

    a whole, in motion

    which is not perceived in its totality

    that which is experienced

    makes us think there is a whole there

    that floats before us

    that attaches itself to us

    with that which we had seen with our own eyes

    with that which we had discovered with our own feet

    with a joyful effort

    in a fast-paced morning

    multiple facets of this whole.

    Order inside the pavilions

    order in that which is illuminated by the sun.

    Undoubtedly, order

    between a will and

    great sensitivity

    in a unique mind

    and this is called:


    Inhotim is an invented creation

    result of a

    unique visionary capacity

    that works with what we call


    together with that which grows from the soil

    And this creator has a name and a last name:


    I’m honored to be able to contribute

    with my small grain of sand in this creation!

    Cachan, France

    June, 2014


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    Julho, 12. 2014

    Inhotim press room

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    Inhotim Lab travels to New York

    Inhotim Lab travels to New York

    The Institute’s oldest educational project, Inhotim Lab, is packed and ready to visit one of the most vibrant cities in the world. As part of the activities in the program, nine students will be travelling to New York this coming Thursday, July 17, to take part in an observation and learning experience which includes visits to museums, cultural spaces, event venues and artist studios. “Inhotim is a space that proposes international dialogs through its collections. We have works of art and botanical species from several parts of the world. At Inhotim Lab, we also seek this kind of exchange. Visiting new places and getting to know new people broaden horizons and help us understand our own place in the world, leading to empowerment”, says Maria Eugênia Salcedo, transversal education manager for Inhotim.

    One of the high points of the group’s agenda is a street party organized by the New Museum, exclusively dedicated to contemporary art. The program for the event, entitled New Museum Block Party, includes free performances and workshops intended for children and adults and inspired by the exhibits on display at the institution. Youngsters taking part in the museum’s educational projects are in charge of part of the program for the Block Party. The idea is that this experience allows Inhotim Lab participants to lead the organization of a festival in Brumadinho in November, proposing a new relationship with the spaces in the city.

    Fourteen-year-old Millene Raissa Paraguai is a student at the Maria Solano Menezes Diniz Municipal School, in the district of Tejuco. She is looking forward to boarding on a plane for the first time. “This is an experience I will remember forever. I am very happy to take part in Inhotim Lab. When I visit the park now, I have a different look towards art and also towards life itself”, reveals the teenager. With regard to the party, she says she wants to pay attention to every little detail and see what ideas can be used in their event in November. “Each place has its own reality, whatever works there might not work here”, she says.

    Inhotim Lab is an art-oriented educational program aimed at 12 to 16-year-old students in the public school network in Brumadinho. By conducting research and experimentations, participants develop a critical and reflexive eye not only towards the art world, but also in relation to the context in which they live, becoming active agents in their communities. About 200 youngsters have taken part in Inhotim Lab since the program started back in 2007. Besides New York, the project has taken the students to London and Buenos Aires.

    Are you curious to learn more about this journey? During the trip, Inhotim’s Blog will post testimonials and reports of participants and educators who are going to New York. Make sure you check it out!

    If you wish to help the Institute carry out projects such as this one, click here and become a Friend of Inhotim.


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    Julho, 03. 2014

    Inhotim press room


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    A Greener Brumadinho

    A Greener Brumadinho

    During the month of June, a group of 15 gardeners from Inhotim worked with a special proposal: to make the city of Brumadinho greener. Through a partnership with the City Administration, the Institute donated to the city a landscape project signed by Pedro Nehring, responsible for the park’s gardens. All the material needed to carry out the project was also donated.

    That includes over 500 plants, such as palm trees, orchids, salvias and agaves which now embellish flower beds and squares in the city. The species chosen are part of Inhotim’s collection and adapt well to the urban environment, and that is why Nehring has chosen them. “I have been visiting Brumadinho since the early 1980s, when I started building the gardens that are part of Inhotim today. I’m proud to be responsible to take the park’s beauty to the streets of Brumadinho”, says the landscaper.

    A palmeira azul foi uma das espécies doadas pelo Inhotim para a cidade. Foto: Rossana Magri

    The blue palm is one of the species donated by Inhotim to the city. Photo: Rossana Magri

    City residents saw the changes from a close range and approved the new spaces. “I think everything turned up really nice. Brumadinho needed this change and I believe this is the beginning of an even bigger change”, says Lucas Amorim, owner of a small business downtown. The intervention was only one of the phases of the project. Later this year, Inhotim will work on new gardens in the city, continuing the partnership.


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