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Bringing art closer to life

Bringing art closer to life

During the month of April, the art guided tours at Inhotim addressed still life and its relationship with time and space.  Through this art history genre, it is possible to raise issues related to items in our everyday lives, as well as to how we look at these objects and what transforms them into art.  

Como aprender o o que acontece na normalidade das coisas (2002-2005) [How to understand what happens in the natural order of things], by Spanish artist Sara Ramo, is one of the photo series that comprise the Still Life exhibit, at Galeria Fonte in Inhotim. In this work, the artist presents a series of home bathrooms which are sometimes organized, sometimes filled with utensils and personal hygiene items.  By exposing these private environments, she makes them public, surfacing mysterious possibilities about everything that happens in these intimate places.

Imagens da série "Como aprender o que acontece na normalidade das coisas", da artista Sara Ramo

Images from the series “Como aprender o que acontece na normalidade das coisas” (2002-2005), by artist Sara Ramo

The contrast between photography’s static time and the transformation of the environment on display can be related to the everyday life.  By using the bathroom, we also change it. Would that be an invitation to learn and alter the everyday normality and how we look at our everyday lives? The bathroom composition as well as the choice and position of the items in the artworks allow us to observe the works not as photographs, but as a sort of sculptural moment.  

The multiple works by Sara Ramo allow for several interpretations, which grants the artist the status of representative of this contemporary art that transforms the concept given to art since the Enlightenment and brings it closer to life, whether this is done due to the materials used or due to the issues raised by it.

How do we deal with our everyday lives?  Are we capable of thinking utilitarian items in a different way, one that goes beyond their primary functionality?


Written by Daniela de Avelar Vaz Rodrigues, art mediator at Inhotim

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