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What’s new at Inhotim Escola 2014

What’s new at Inhotim Escola 2014

The second year of Inhotim Escola promises to shake up Belo Horizonte’s agenda. Art exhibitions, films, lectures, courses, workshops and a novelty: in 2014 the the environmental theme comes in to play with the project Consumo Consciente na Praça [Concious Consumption at the Park]. Starting in April, it will promote discussions on consumption habits of modern society so as to build a more sustainable life style.

Among the actions planned for the year is the Dia do Carbono Zero [Zero Carbon Day], which aims to promote the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. Moreover, two-wheel lovers will be able to participate in the Pedal Verde, a bike circuit going through the southern-central region of Belo Horizonte aimed at raising awareness to the issue of urban mobility in the state capital.

O Sarau realizado pelo Inhotim Escola em 2013 reuniu diversas pessoas na Praça da Liberdade, em Belo Horizonte.

The soiree held by Inhotim Escola in 2013 gathered several people at Praça da Liberdade, in Belo Horizonte. Photo: Ricardo Mallaco

As for the arts, also in April, the public will have the opportunity to chat with Inhotim’s curator Jochen Volz on the relationship between art and architecture in the construction of art pavilions. Jochen has organized several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including international shows in the 53rd Venice Biennale. Since 2012, Jochen is also chief curator of the Serpentine Gallery in London. Among other activities, the schedule of Inhotim Escola includes the seminar Visão Yanomami [Yanomami Vision], whose theme is the work of photographer Claudia Andujar. Swiss living in Brazil since the 1950s, besides registering the life of the Yanomami people, Andujar became a major activist for indigenous cause in Brazil.

The old buildings that are part of the Circuito Cultural Praça da Liberdade will still host part of the activities. But this year, Inhotim Escola expands its actions to different locations in the state capital and other cities, and it will no longer have a fixed venue in Belo Horizonte. So far, the actions developed by the project have involved over two thousand participants.

Interested? Find out more about lnhotim Escola here.

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