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Encouraging transformation

Encouraging transformation

Being at Inhotim provokes different experiences, for it is a multiple, transforming, restless place, in addition to being what has become commonplace, an extremely beautiful place.  The gardens and the unique way works of art are displayed at Inhotim are articulated in such a way that each visit is a whole new experience.  

Beyond contemplation and the feelings related to such contemplation, Inhotim shows aspects that are often unknown to the hundreds of thousands visitors that go there each year.  One of these aspects regards the impact in the lives of those who live in the city that generously houses Inhotim.  The decision of founder Bernardo Paz to maintain and incorporate the name of the old village, where the gardens sheltered the first works of art, shows the desire of not becoming separated from the history of the place.  The initial awkwardness the name provoked in the general public was quickly overcome and, today, mentioning “Inhotim” does not required so many explanations.

Having become the greatest private employer in the city, with 1,300 employees – 80% of which come from Brumadinho and region – and representing the first job of over 400 youngsters in the city bring Inhotim closer to the public and private lives of thousands of Brumadinho-born citizens.  There is also another direct connection between Inhotim and the city, which takes place with the mobilization of the art and botanical collections in social and educational projects.  These projects present children, youngsters and adult with essential issues related to contemporaneity, formulated based on the contact with what is most relevant in the contemporary art scene, as well as on a global agenda related to biodiversity and even to the future of the planet.

If these initiatives weren´t enough, as of this month, the Our Inhotim program is granting a 50% discount to all Brumadinho residents who have lived in the municipality for over three years.  This initiative is an additional encouragement for locals to visit and take ownership of this place, which attracts visitors from all over the world.  Having a cultural facility such as Inhotim is an invaluable gain for the city.  Having Brumadinho residents more and more visiting the park and strolling around gardens and galleries is the fulfillment of the Institute’s main objective:  to be a transforming place, which inspires a new way of life.


Our Inhotim Program:

People entitled to the 50% discount: Residents of the municipality of Brumadinho living in the region for over three years;

Registration: On Wednesdays, from 2 pm to 4 pm, at the park reception.  Starts on May 7;

Documents required: ID Card (or the like) and proof of residence;

A card will be issued for those taking part in the program, which must be shown whenever the participant visits Inhotim.

More information: +55 (31) 3571-9700

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