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The right place

The right place

Today Brumadinho has its 75th anniversary and has become one of the Brazilian cities that are most talked about in the national and international press. In addition to hosting Inhotim, which has brought the city the title of one of the great tourism destinations in Brazil, the city has a rich cultural and natural heritage.

The population of about 35 thousand inhabitants is made up of generous, welcoming people. The religious and cultural tradition of the quilombola (former slaves) communities are experienced with the energy of those who are proud of their African roots in their daily lives. The musical vocation of the city shows its rhythms in the instruments of its century old bands and in the voices of the several choirs that gather together children, teenagers and adults.

Nature has also been very generous with the town. Two important world biomes, the Atlantic Rainforest and the cerrado, or Brazilian Savanna, meet at the ocean of mountains in the Brumadinho territory.  During most of the year the mountains and the city are covered in fog and the days start off with a fresh, light air.

So, where else could Inhotim be located? Nowhere else in the world. That is why we are proud of being a part of this history.

This is a homage of Instituto Inhotim to the 75th anniversary of Brumadinho.

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