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Disputing space

Disputing space

 Concrete, iron, glass and wood. Those are some of the materials which artist Marcius Galan uses for his works, a genuine challenge to perception. Indianopolis-born, the American, who was brought up São Paulo, attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (Faap), a nationwide renowned institution which is a reference for plastic arts. Galan has been influenced by a vast number of artists, amongst which the Brazilians Waltercio Caldas and Cildo Meireles, as well as the American Gordon Matta-Clark, are entitled to a special highlight.

Pondering on the concepts of movement, precision and balance, Marcius believes that illusion and reality walk side-by-side. “Many of my works might as well be faced as mathematical experiences. A line, for instance, has an apparent beginning and  end, but, at the same time, contains an infinite number of points.  The transgression of this notion of space is a fascinating thing. It is proof that we seek for measures and patterns in things which, in their essence, cannot be defined “, he says.

At Inhotim, the artist has two works being exhibited. The first one, Seção Diagonal (2008), has been on display in Galeria Mata since 2010. Discovery and enchantment are amongst the feelings experienced by viewers when face-to-face with the presence of something that, in fact, does not exist. Finally, as part of the latest 2013 openings, the artist has set up his second work: Imóvel/Instável (2011). The art work, exhibited at Galeria Praça (the square gallery) plays around with notions of static mobility, evoking a of false movement idea. “The limit to space is variable and relative. What seems unbalanced can be in perfect balance provided it is analyzed all in all, “says Marcius Galan.

Marcius Galan explains his latest work at the Inhotim: Imóvel/Instável. Check out the video:

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