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New exhibitions at Inhotim

As of September 4, those visiting Inhotim will be able to see several new artworks. Artists from Eastern Europe, Asia and the United States propose a new look towards contemporary art production.

According to Rodrigo Moura, art and cultural program director for the Institute, in the past 10 years interest for art from Latin America and other regions outside hegemonic production centers has increased worldwide. “This movement is very much related to a perspective of narrative decentralization. Considering this context, we understand that the role of a space such as Inhotim is not only to collect renowned names, but also to introduce others, less known here”, he says.

A new permanent gallery, the eighteenth in the Institute, will be dedicated to North-American painter Carroll Dunham. This gallery will shelter a series of paintings entitled Garden (2008), which comprises five works that reflect the artist’s impressions about Inhotim.


One of the paintings in the “Garden” series (2008), by Carroll Dunham. Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels. Photo: David Regen

Galeria Lago, one of the four spaces that hold temporary exhibits at Inhotim, will receive works by three different artists. Romanian Geta Br?tescu, considered a type of Eastern Europe Louise Bourgeois, will have a major individual display of her production, with works made between 1986 and 2013 and entitled The garden and other myths.


“Medea Hypostases III” (1980), by Geta Br?tescu. Courtesy of the artist and Ivan Gallery, Romania. Photo: Stefan Sava

Dominik Lang, from the Czech Republic, presents Sleeping City (2011), an installation composed of bronze sculptures created by the artist’s father. Amid iron and wooden sculptures, the pieces acquire new meanings.


“Sleeping City” (2011), by Dominik Lang. Photo: Ondrej Polak

Filipino artist David Medalla will present the work Cloud-Gates (1965/2013) from the Bubble Machines series – kinetic sculpture formed by foam and first created by the artist in the 1960s.


“Cloud-Gates Bubble Machine” (1963-2013), by David Medalla. Courtesy of Baró Galeria. PR Photo

To celebrate the opening of new projects, musicians Jards Macalé and Jorge Mautner will be on the Inhotim em Cena stage for a special performance. Musical partners and longtime friends, the two artists will replay Brazilian popular music hits and promise to surprise the audience. The concert starts at 3 p.m., near the Magic Square.

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