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Naná Vasconcelos in Brumadinho

Naná Vasconcelos in Brumadinho

“The body is the best tool, the rest is a consequence of it”.That is how musician Naná Vasconcelos, one of the greatest percussionists in the world, opened his percussion workshop in the former-slave community of Marinhos, district of Brumadinho, which took place on 08/30. In the afternoon, children and youths taking part in Inhotim’s percussion musical initiation project could talk to the artist and find out new ways to make music.

First, the rhythm was marked with the feet. Then, Naná encouraged them all to use their hands, and, finally, their voices. No traditional musical instruments were used.This composition of movements and sounds allowed participants to become aware of their own bodies, as well as to work on respiratory awareness and on the sense of group. Even though the gestures were simple, they carry the strength of Afro-Brazilian musicality, which is a striking feature of the former-slave culture, and are essential to preserve this culture. “Here, in the community, we are born with music being part of us.It is a gift that is passed on generation after generation by the Congado and Mozambique Guards”, says 14-year old Rhayane Estefanie Alves, who took part in the workshop and participates in Inhotim’s percussion project..

Rhayane Estefanie Alves, integrante do projeto de percussão do Inhotim. Foto: Rossana Magri

Rhayane Estefanie Alves, participant of Inhotim’s percussion project. Photo: Rossana Magri

No domingo, Naná Vasconcelos abriu a programação de grandes shows do Inhotim em Cena. Acompanhado do multi-instrumentista Lui Coimbra, o percussionista levou o berimbau da capoeira para o centro do palco, nos jardins do Instituto. Em uma mistura de brasilidade e som erudito, planejamento e improvisação, os artistas criaram um repertório singular que emocionou o público. “Percussão é símbolo de vida. Se não tiver percussão, quer dizer, se o coração não bater, não tem vida”, define Naná.

Naná Vasconcelos fez show nos jardins do Inhotim no domingo, como parte da programação do Inhotim em Cena. Foto: Daniela Paoliello.

Naná Vasconcelos performed in the gardens of Inhotim on Sunday.  Photo: Daniela Paoliello.

Inhotim em Cena 2014 is supported by the Federal Act for Cultural Incentive, Ministry of Culture. It is brought to you by Pirelli, sponsored by Correios and supported by Saritur. Be sure to check out the upcoming shows of Inhotim em Cena! Click here and see the program.

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