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Innovative business models

Innovative business models

During the 10th Inhotim Environment Week, we had a workshop that gave us the opportunity to venture into the Business Model Generation, based on the Institute’s botanical and art collections. The Business Model Generation is a book that works as a practical and efficient manual on how to understand, design, test and implement business models.

Written in collaboration between 470 professionals in 45 different countries, the book resulted in a simple and assertive methodology that allows for creative and intuitive potential to emerge based on a visual language. Meawhile, it ensures a logical and rational structure, transforming the way business models are created, represented and communicated. The workshop was inspired by the publication mentioned and participants presented and tested the methods proposed by it.

In an ever changing world, we need tools that can keep up with the speed of the changes we experience. The Business Model Generation features a chart, referred to as Canvas, in which the nine elements that make up a business model are projected. As time goes by, the relationships that influence your business change, the scenario becomes favorable or unfavorable and, since nowadays this all happens at an amazing speed, and the Canvas allows for a prompt reconfiguration of your business model.

The following video briefly explains the Business Model Canvas:

We were privileged with the reflections we were able to absorb from the collections, as we worked the theme within Inhotim. The work True Rouge was chosen to be observed in the beginning of our workshop and, thus, it was the work that contributed the most with our inspiration process. Participants visited the gallery where the True Rouge is installed, expanding the boundaries of their creative potential to delve into an intuitive, collaborative and multidisciplinary process to generate business models. In several moments during the workshop, the reflections generated by the observation of the work would help learn new tools to generate business models, as well as expand participants’ reflection capacity and creativity.

Results were amazing. The atmosphere of trust was quickly established after reflections on the work were observed and shared, and creativity and collaboration appeared naturally throughout the course of the workshop. Participants were able to quickly absorb the content and start practicing right away.While the Canvas was being filled out, the doubts that came up were solved within the group, and the facilitator’s intervention was hardly needed. The Business Model Generation powered by Inhotim was tested and validated!

Learn more about this method on the Business Model Generation official website. There you can download the template of the chart used for the Canvas.

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