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Inhotim Lab travels to New York

Inhotim Lab travels to New York

The Institute’s oldest educational project, Inhotim Lab, is packed and ready to visit one of the most vibrant cities in the world. As part of the activities in the program, nine students will be travelling to New York this coming Thursday, July 17, to take part in an observation and learning experience which includes visits to museums, cultural spaces, event venues and artist studios. “Inhotim is a space that proposes international dialogs through its collections. We have works of art and botanical species from several parts of the world. At Inhotim Lab, we also seek this kind of exchange. Visiting new places and getting to know new people broaden horizons and help us understand our own place in the world, leading to empowerment”, says Maria Eugênia Salcedo, transversal education manager for Inhotim.

One of the high points of the group’s agenda is a street party organized by the New Museum, exclusively dedicated to contemporary art. The program for the event, entitled New Museum Block Party, includes free performances and workshops intended for children and adults and inspired by the exhibits on display at the institution. Youngsters taking part in the museum’s educational projects are in charge of part of the program for the Block Party. The idea is that this experience allows Inhotim Lab participants to lead the organization of a festival in Brumadinho in November, proposing a new relationship with the spaces in the city.

Fourteen-year-old Millene Raissa Paraguai is a student at the Maria Solano Menezes Diniz Municipal School, in the district of Tejuco. She is looking forward to boarding on a plane for the first time. “This is an experience I will remember forever. I am very happy to take part in Inhotim Lab. When I visit the park now, I have a different look towards art and also towards life itself”, reveals the teenager. With regard to the party, she says she wants to pay attention to every little detail and see what ideas can be used in their event in November. “Each place has its own reality, whatever works there might not work here”, she says.

Inhotim Lab is an art-oriented educational program aimed at 12 to 16-year-old students in the public school network in Brumadinho. By conducting research and experimentations, participants develop a critical and reflexive eye not only towards the art world, but also in relation to the context in which they live, becoming active agents in their communities. About 200 youngsters have taken part in Inhotim Lab since the program started back in 2007. Besides New York, the project has taken the students to London and Buenos Aires.

Are you curious to learn more about this journey? During the trip, Inhotim’s Blog will post testimonials and reports of participants and educators who are going to New York. Make sure you check it out!

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