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Garden of Stones

Garden of Stones

Amid the lush gardens of Inhotim, a novelty has drawn attention of visitors. The Garden of Stones, near the Educational Plant Nursery, was inspired by the desert landscapes of Mexico and gathers plants that are rich in beauty, despite the limited availability of water.

There is an explanation for the idea of ??creating such a different garden. Inhotim’s agronomist Livia Lana  explains, “We already had several species, some even rare. Then, we create a special environment where it is possible to understand the context in which they live”.

Foto: Rossana Magri

Picture: Rossana Magri

The specimens that comprise the Garden of Stones come from deserts as well as from arid regions in Brazil, and include Cactaceae, Crassulaceae and Euphorbiaceae. Despite their complicated names, these plants are widely used in landscaping and their maintenance is relatively simple. The hard part of the job was to transform the local soil to receive the seedlings, which was done by using mainly sand and stones.

On your next visit, make sure to visit this exotic garden. Click here to learn more about the botanical richness of Inhotim.

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