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Foreign invasion at Inhotim

Foreign invasion at Inhotim

Since the World Cup started in Brazil, Inhotim has received a huge amount of foreigners eager to take home good memories of their trip. The faces and accents from all over the world are ready to open a smile and proudly shout the name of their countries of origin. That doesn´t mean receiving international visitors is something new for the Institute. Actually, about 20% of those visiting the park come from other countries and, during the two first weeks of the competition, this average has increased to 60%.

“I am an art teacher in Belgium and I first heard of Inhotim in a documentary aired in the largest TV station in my country. Then, since I am in Brazil because of the World Cup, I took the opportunity to visit this wonder!”, tells Koen Verhaeghe, while observing the 4-meter sculpture by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles. Named Inmensa (1982-2002), the work was included in the panoramic tour conducted in English, which the Belgium took part in and that was created especially for this flow of tourists brought by the World Cup.

From Argentine hermanos to Pakistanis and Israelis – whose teams, by the way, aren’t even playing the Cup – the Institute has already received visitors from more than 20 different nations. Americans Lisa Christiansen and Ryan Samuelson found out about the park in a search they make back home nine months ago, before arriving in South America. “When I saw pictures of Inhotim on the Internet, I knew I had to visit this place”, she says.

Casal de norte-americanos que viaja pela América do Sul não deixou o Inhotim de fora do roteiro. Foto: Rossana Magri

The landscapes of Inhotim guaranteed it a place in the American couple’s to-do list. Photo: Rossana Magri

Do you also feel like checking out the beauties of Inhotim? Start planning your visit now. Check out the park’s opening hours.

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